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Chloe Evans, Physiotherapy BSc (Hons), Human Biology BSc (Hons)

“Physiotherapy has been something I have wanted to do since I can remember. Every decision I made throughout my educational qualifications was based with a career in Sports Physiotherapy in mind.  In 2009 my hard work and focus paid off when I graduated from Manchester Metropolitan University with upper second class BSc (Hons) in Physiotherapy.

Since then I went straight into private practice treating a variety of sports injuries to gather as much experience as possible in treating the more serious injuries that occur during contact and non-contact sports. I have successfully treated many sports athletes including Olympic and Commonwealth swimmers for the Great Britain team, and rugby league players for Nottingham Outlaws. Recently I have expanded my expertise to help treat club racing motorcyclists, this has included biomechanics and movement patterns of riders on their bikes.

I also gathered fantastic hands on experience acting as the On-Tour Physiotherapist for the performers in SHREK! The Musical during the UK and Ireland tour in 2014/2015. I helped injury prevention and management and I was given the responsibility of deciding if a dancer was fit to perform. Which was a very challenging task.

Recently I have expanded my rehabilitation knowledge by becoming training in teaching Pilates classes. Pilates has expanded my knowledge greatly and I have had a huge success rate in helping treat postural related pain as well as weakness in stabilising muscles. I highly recommend trying it, it isn’t as easy as it seems!

This has given me very rounded and thorough experience in treating a great variety of sports injures. I am extremely passionate about my work and am very proud of my excellent success rate in treating my patients effectively. “

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