I was diagnosed with a severe bulging disc/sciatica in October 2022 whereby I could hardly walk. I have always been active throughout my life be it Track Running, Long Distance Running, Refereeing and currently Golf and Park Runs. I was hopeful this injury would be short term and to speed along the recovery I had weekly appointments with the osteopath which reduced to monthly sessions when the pain eased. 12 months down the line with still some pain that still prevents the resumption of my activities, I decided (and through advice) to take up Pilates. Chloe Evans came with a high recommendation and following an initial welcome chat over the telephone, I was invited on board with no commitment. I have now been attending for some two months and there is a definite improvement in my movement, core strength and pain reduction. Prior to attending Pilates, walking the dog for 1KM resulted in sitting down for a rest to ease the pain, even carrying a small basket of shopping was painful. The pilates sessions are attended as a group of all ages each with their own story for enjoyment and/or recovery. Chloe ensures we take the session with a focused approach but with light hearted interaction. She shows empathy to everyone's individual needs with a view to each person feeling they are valued. I now feel so much more confident there is light at the end of the tunnel so much so I have now set myself a target date in the next few weeks to resume some light running.

Paul Cottam, (Aged 62)

Chloe is a very knowledgeable and patient Pilates instructor. She carefully explains what you should do and why, she corrects, challenges and adapts things to help you achieve and progress. Since being in her class my abs, bum & legs are stronger and much more toned, I'm more flexible and it has alleviated my long-standing back problems"


Chloe has been my physio for a few years now, helping me recover from running related back and neck injuries. She is hugely knowledgeable and able to quickly diagnose the underlying issues, addressing them effectively with a mixture of massage and acupuncture. I have no hesitation in recommending her, both for her physiotherapy and Pilates classes, the latter of which is helping me avoid future injury!

Chris Davison, Physiotherapy

I saw Chloe on two occasions in 2018, once for my shoulder, and the more importantly for me, a knee injury which stopped me from running for 6 weeks. I was extremely pleased with her expert knowledge and diagnosis of both conditions. Each time she clearly explained what was wrong, and gave me great practical and easy to follow exercises to do at home to help with the recovery and future prevention. Since I have been doing the exercises for my knee I have been back running and have completed 3 half marathons with no issues. Attending one of her weekly Pilates class has also helped strengthen core muscles, in particular 'my glutes', that are needed for safe running - be warned Chloe loves glutes exercises!! and I have to say I now share this with her 😊

I have been attending Chloes weekly Pilates classes for more than 5 years. The classes are varied, using different equipment each week, they help strengthen and tone your core muscles, which is essential for me to avoid injury whilst running. Chloe pays careful attention to everyone in the class ensuring that they are completing the exercise correctly and adapting it if needs be to meet individual needs. Her classes are fun and but beneficial to all who attend.

Henny Scott, Physiotherapy

Chloe's Pilates classes are brilliant! I've been to several different teachers over the years and can honestly say this one is by far the best. Chloe explains why we do each exercise and even gives a muscle the occasional prod to make sure it's being done correctly. Those of us with particular weaknesses are given individual advice on how or how not to do things - it's like having an individual lesson within a class setting so the camaraderie is there! It's a win,win situation - I know it's doing me good and I love doing it (and I am someone who hated PE and sports at school).

Peta, Pilates

As an experienced physiotherapist, Chloe's knowledge of the body has been especially helpful for those of us attending her Pilates classes with a health condition. She is very supportive and encouraging, adapting exercises appropriately for those who can't manage a move (eg due to pain) and consequently it feels a very safe and inclusive group. Due to CFS/ME, I have to be careful with physical exertion and Chloe has been understanding about this; it is fine to do what I can, or stop, and consequently I've managed very well. I love the fact that somewhere underneath my rather flabby exterior, I am developing some muscles! Lovely, highly knowledgeable Pilates instructor, very supportive of those with health challenges.

L.O, Pilates